Apple Enters Virtual Reality

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Apple Enters Virtual Reality

Apple has made many statements in the past adamantly supporting the idea of augmented reality (AR). Beyond that, Apple’s CEO has gone as far as to state that AR will be the future for applications and demos incorporating this new technology are already in the works.

Currently, users are able to view AR objects through their phone screen, but the idea in the back of everyone’s mind is a headset that allows users to put digital objects “directly in front of your eyes”.

If you’re someone waiting for the next step in AR, this data recovery Los Angeles based business has some good news. Reports state that Apple’s AR headset is under development and can launch as soon as 2020!


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Reports say that Apple’s device carries similarities to the already popular Oculus Gear VR headset. It is still unclear if the headset will be as unwieldy as the Oculus Gear VR headset, or mimic a more light aesthetic, similar to Google glasses. This being said, the final product is intended to be a fully integrated device that will include a fully functioning display as well as cameras.

Additionally, it is reported that custom silicon will be incorporated to enable a more power-efficient chip for the device. Similar technology is found in the tech giants smartwatch.

The company is aiming to have all technology in place for the device by 2019.

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