Apple Users, Your Security Is At Risk

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Apple Users, Your Security Is At Risk

In the latest rendition of Apple’s iOS, the tech giant introduced a new privacy setting that allows users to hide the content of their notifications while the phone is locked.

Turns out that a simple trick can allow strangers to view your notifications. In this data recovery, Los Angeles businesses perspective is a huge risk in privacy.

What is the simple trick?

Just ask Siri. Recent reports from Mac Magazine showcased the bug in iOS 11 which effectively allows strangers to utilize Siri to view hidden notifications. This was less of an issue in the past as users were under the assumption that strangers could view their notifications, thus were much more careful about how they messaged users. With this added security feature, however, users are more prone to leaving important information out for display under the assumption it is security protected.

Any iPhone running the latest version of iOS (11.2.6) are susceptible to this bug. Mac Magazine continues to state that iOS devices using third-party messaging applications such as Skype WhatsApp and more are also affected.

The only application that seems to be 100% protected is Apple’s own messaging. Keep this in mind the next time you need to text a client important banking information. or your family some personal updates.

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