Could Apple’s New Live Streaming Service Make You Famous?

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Could Apple’s New Live Streaming Service Make You Famous?

With the 10 year anniversary of Apple’s monumental breakthrough, the iPhone drawing closer and closer, it is becoming apparent that the tech giant is taking every step to ensure that their next decade of releases keeps the company far in the green.

Apple recently released iOS 11 developer beta 3, and there was one new feature in particular that caught west la computer repairour attention. It is common knowledge live streaming has hit a huge boom in the last 4 years and Apple has noticed. With Apple hardware being one of the company’s strongest selling points, and with iPhone repair and servicing becoming increasingly expensive it is imperative that the company utilizes its hardware to its fullest potential. New features in IOS 11 hint at a native live streaming feature to be implemented during the releases of the iPhone 8 to fully utilize the dual lens camera set-up that is rumored to be utilized. When using iOS 11, the redesigned Control Center now offers an option under the heading “Start Broadcast”.

With so many other live streaming options these days – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, etc. – Apple seems to be one of the only companies that have neglected to address the expanding industry, or show any interest on the matter.

So why add a live streaming feature now? Well, it is possible that Apple is merely trying to expand its already dominating Services business, which last quarter generated the company an amazing $7 billion in revenue. It is imperative to keep adding new value points to the already popular Services business to west la computer repaircontinue generating new traffic and stay competitive.

It is important to note that Apple often implements features in their beta testing that later gets removed just as fast as it was put in. Here at West LA Computer Repair, we hope that live streaming is a feature that makes its way into the final release of the iPhone 8. Who would want to miss out on the chance for an easy platform to use to become the next big social media star?




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