Why Everyone Is Talking About Apple’s Next Watch

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Why Everyone Is Talking About Apple’s Next Watch

With the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone quickly approaching, it is becoming apparent that Apple is using this decade milestone as a foothold to jumpstart a series of impressive releases.


The Apple Watch has always stood in the space of mediocrity, receiving incredibly mixed reviews from critics and the general public. With time to evaluate the results of the first releases, Apple has announced that it is ready to launch its new version of the Apple Watch. Reports claim that the new make will include an LTE chip and a radical redesign that will allow the watch to be used without iPhone integration.

If rumors are correct, the next rendition of the watch might be the next must-have item. The next release of the Apple Watch will provide users with the perfect balance between fashion, connectivity, and utility. With the addition of personalized connections things such as data storage, data recovery, system power comes as one of our primary questions. How Apple decides to go about implementation of these features to support LTE connectivity is still up in the air.

The rumor creating the greatest buzz around Apple’s new rendition of the Apple watch is, without question, the LTE internet connectivity integration. Market analysts have stated that the inclusion of LTE connections will be the defining factor that sways users on the fence to spring for the purchase.

Introducing LTE connectivity to an already popular item on the market, from one of the most visible companies in the world will, without a doubt, bring instant sales to the company. This is the crucible for the company’s continued expansion, with sales projected to double by the end of 2021.

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