Microsoft’s Next Smartphone

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Microsoft’s Next Smartphone

For those of you who don’t quite remember, Microsoft released a phone back in 2010 alongside the release of Windows 7.

It seems that recent news points that the tech giant is taking a second stab at trying to get some footing that is the smartphone industry. This data recovery Los Angeles based business is more than excited about these new rumors.  

Last Thursday, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) handed a mysterious patent over to Microsoft. The patent contains what appears to be sketches of what this new phone might look like, and it’s actually pretty awesome.

The patent contains a “self-regulating hinge”. This hinge allows a greater amount of flexibility to dual-screened devices. This hinge allows a dual-screened phone to merge into a single large display without a bezel disrupting the screen. Additionally, the phone would also be able to fold into a tent, a laptop, and more.

The patent does not specify that it was created specifically for a phone. It does, however, state that the hinge was specially designed to fit in your pocket. Just to clarify, Microsoft has yet to make any definitive statements indicating the production of this new phone. This data recovery Los Angeles based business suggests keeping an eye out for this phone, but don’t expect anything in too soon.

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