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Apple Enters Virtual Reality

Apple has made many statements in the past adamantly supporting the idea of augmented reality (AR). Beyond that, Apple’s CEO has gone as far as to state that AR will be the future for applications and demos incorporating this new technology are already in the...

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Thinking of getting a 256GB iPhone 7? Think Again.

With all the commotion the iPhone 8 and iPhone X has created over the last couple months, it is easy to overlook some of the other adjustments the company is making to its previous releases. Based on recent reports, Apple is no longer offering the...

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Could Apple’s New Live Streaming Service Make You Famous?

With the 10 year anniversary of Apple’s monumental breakthrough, the iPhone drawing closer and closer, it is becoming apparent that the tech giant is taking every step to ensure that their next decade of releases keeps the company far in the green. Apple recently released...

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Windows 10 – A Step in the Right Direction?

During Microsoft's annual Build Developers Conference held in Seattle WA, the trademark company announced yet another great milestone to add to its laundry list of achievements. The company stated that as of March 2017 an estimated 500 million monthly active users utilized Windows 10 and Windows...

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Crucial Tips to Ensure Your Computer Data is Safe

West LA Computer Repair now offers a premium PC and Mac data recovery service! Data files hold valuable information that often includes a company’s day to day figures, statistics and in most cases, irreplaceable data. It is because of this fact that computer data has quickly become...

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See How This Tech Giant is Leading the Charge in Energy Alternatives

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, the dominant tech company Salesforce achieved a new milestone by designing and implementing wind-powered operating facilities in their data centers and major facilities. Additionally, reports say that the tech giant has invested a large sum of money into alternative clean...

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Don’t Let Yourself Become A Victim Of Hacking

2016 has seen some of the worst hacks in history. This past year, details from billions of apps and website users were made available online. User details that were released included names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, security questions, and more. Computer Repair Los Angeles Hacked Companies In 2016 Computer...