Warning! HP Computer Users

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Warning! HP Computer Users

With the widespread use of computers in the modern day and age, it is becoming more and more important to keep tabs on security when using a computer.

Due to recent discoveries, this data recovery Los Angeles based company stresses that if you are experiencing unusual system behavior, to take your device in for an expert diagnosis before proceeding with any work involving sensitive information.

Back in early November, it was reported that a computer programmer noticed some code in the backend of a HP laptop while trying to program a backlit keyboard.

The code was later discovered to be a keylogger. If this keylogger is turned on by a hacker, it has the ability to monitor and store every keystroke logged by the computer. This hacking technique has been utilized for years and is one of the primary ways hackers steal passwords.

Though the code was inactive when discovered, the man who discovered the keylogger, computer programmer Michael Myng, contacted HP to note the presence of the keylogger.

HP replied with a statement addressing the keylogger as a “debug trace”. A Debug trace is a tool used by many software companies to allow bugs to be traced. HP continued on to state that the code was not integrated into the system with any malicious intent.

This being said, the presence of this “debug trace” still gives hackers the opportunity to steal valuable information, should a hacker gain access to the computer and activate the keylogger.  can be found on their site here. A list of HP devices that are affected by the newly discovered keylogger is also included in the link.

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