Windows 10 – A Step in the Right Direction?

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Windows 10 – A Step in the Right Direction?

During Microsoft’s annual Build Developers Conference held in Seattle WA, the trademark company announced yet another great milestone to add to its laundry list of achievements.

The company stated that as of March 2017 an estimated 500 million monthly active users utilized Windows 10 and Windows 10 compatible devices. With all the flack the company had been receiving for its prior installations of Windows requiring constant computer repair, this positive PR for the company was long overdue.

This being said, it seems that the world has made a unanimous decision in the accepting of Windows 10. The current amount of users running Windows 10 as their operating system nearly doubles that of the reported amount of Windows users announced at the Build Developers Conference in the prior year.

When Microsoft executives were asked to comment on the success of Windows 10, the executives stated that its success is hard to isolate. This being said, they were pleased with the response from their customer basis.

The company’s achievements do not stop there. Microsoft reported that the commercial version of Office 365 reached an estimated 100 million monthly active users.  

Microsoft also reported that the number of monthly active users for their digital assistant, Cortana reached 141.

As with everything in the current tech industry, achievements and success are brief, and it is unclear if Microsoft will continue its trend of increased growth. However, as of right now it seems that Microsoft executives are pleased to see that the company has taken a step in the right direction.